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Bal Mahale is a Senior Director and Agile Scrum Coach at CA Technologies working in the office of the CTO on the SaaS Operating Platform to help create applications in the Cloud. He has spearheaded several strategic enterprise initiatives for CA's global product development organization such as enterprise wide rollout of Agile Scrum and coaching teams in adopting Agile Scrum to promote innovation. Prior to CA Technologies, Bal was Director of Product Development at Workscape, where he oversaw the development and deployment of an enterprise software product in a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) environment. Earlier in his career, Bal was a Client Partner at Razorfish and Associate Director at Cambridge Technology Partners where he played various roles in strategy, sales, project management, and architecture in the Management, Internet and Software Consulting environments. Bal has MBA from Babson and MS from IIT, Madras. Bal has a passion for marketing, strategy, innovation and enjoys the outdoors, hiking, biking, running.

2013, my personal reflections…

2013 had two highlights for me. First one was the realization about the game changing nature of cloud/SaaS both from business and technical perspective as well as how similar/different it is from the internet boom. Second one was experiencing entrepreneurship … Continue reading

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Can Power and Politics be ever good?

Power and politics have always been a mystery to me. I have seen few people do it well,  but like anything interpersonal, it is hard to learn and master. I recently attended a workshop by Lisa DiTullio on the subject … Continue reading

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MIT Sloan CIO Symposium – New IT Innovation Models – Panel Summary

MIT has always been associated with innovation and hence this panel had a special place in the Symposium. We put together a panel of experts from diverse backgrounds to get the full perspective. It included, Roy Rosin, Chief Innovation Officer … Continue reading

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Do you feel Dilbert works for your company?

I have heard this comment several times in many of the companies that I have worked for because he is often dead on. The humor in lot of the Dilberts comes from the different mental models we all have of … Continue reading

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Learn “How Doctors Think” to reduce Thinking Errors

Because of the lawsuits, the “technical errors” such as getting the left foot amputated instead of the right, have been significantly reduced. However we continue to hear about the “thinking errors” that cause misdiagnosis and not treating the real illness. … Continue reading

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Is Agile inefficient?

I get this question frequently from teams that are new to Agile. Here are some of their concerns: 1. If you do not have detailed plans up front or if the plans keep changing, is that efficient? 2. How can you be efficient … Continue reading

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Teamwork in Agile

Several years ago, I worked for Cambridge Technology Partners (CTP), a consulting company that specialized in RAD (Rapid Application Development). CTP’s hallmark was Rapid Solutions Workshop (RSW), in which, we would build a prototype of a real application in three … Continue reading

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